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Hostgator Review : Independent Review

Hostgator Review: Independent Review

This is an unbiased Hostgator review to educate and advice you on the web hosting services offered by Hostgator, the pros and cons, as well as comparison of the company’s hosting features with similar web hosts in terms of types of web hosting service offered. Keep reading to explore information about Hostgator.

About Hostgator

Hostgator web hosting company has been around for more than a decade. Our collation of reviews from users and independent bodies that assess the performance of web hosting companies shows that this web hosting company is rated among the top web hosting companies presently. Some of the criteria adopted by both users and the independent bodies in assessing the top web hosting companies include quality hosting and affordability. The company’s head office is situated in Houston, Texas. And, the company has its own data centers that power millions of domains owned by users from 200 countries in the world.

What Type of Web Hosting Company is Hostgator?

This Hostgator review includes information about the type of web hosting company. Hostgator is particularly a shared web hosting company. In other words, it offers shared web hosting services to individuals and businesses that want to generate online presence affordably. Shared hosting is an affordable way to host your website by sharing a hosting server with other users on the web host’s platform. And, what are these resources? They include the CPU, bandwidth and other server features that power websites. Unlike dedicated servers, you won’t be the only person paying for the maintenance of the server since there are other users on the server.

However, Hostgator also offers dedicated servers and virtual private servers. Dedicated servers are dedicated to your domain (s) alone just as the name sounds. So, all the hosting resources such as the ones mentioned above are exclusively for your domains alone, thus facilitating highly improved up-time, non-interruption of website traffic flow which happens when you share servers with others, and other top benefits. However, you will also bear the cost the server alone.

Another type of web hosting service that Hostgator offers is VPS (Virtual Hosting Server) hosting. VPS is a more superior form of shared web hosting that guarantees more improved user’s experience in terms of uptime, traffic flow and server resources performance compared to the typical shared web hosting.

Recommendation: If you are just getting started with web hosting, consider opting for shared web hosting for a start and upgrading later as your website starts to expand. However, it all depends on factors such as the size of your business, the nature of your online activity, as well as your budget. For instance, if your business is medium scale and will potentially generate large volumes of traffic, consider choosing the VPS hosting straight-on for better performance of your traffic-prone website. Otherwise, you can settle for shared web hosting which is just fine at the beginning.

Also, if you offer intensive information or want to host an ecommerce website, consider the VPS hosting over the typical shared web hosting package. Dedicated servers are best suited for larger businesses or companies that handle more intensive activities that require super-fast servers. It is costly to maintain a dedicated server. Therefore, your business should be generating generous profit that can help offset the maintenance cost of a dedicated server and leave you with a bigger part of the profit at the end of the day.

HostGator Coupon

This Hostgator review will definitely not be complete without educating you about Hostgator coupon. Right now, Hostgator is offering up to 20% discount on web hosting purchase. The company offers such juicy discounts regularly to further provide affordable quality hosting to users. So, whether you are planning to transfer your domain from another web hosting platform to Hostgator or simply create a new web hosting account, you can take advantage of this coupon code to save money. You can get the best Hostgator coupon by visiting here.

Comparison: HostGator and Other Shared Web Hosting Companies

In so many ways, Hostgator has measured up favorably to the top shared web hosting companies in terms of quality service and affordability. However, when it comes to splitting shared hosting package to meet each individual’s hosting need and budget, Hostgator seems to have surpassed a lot of Hosts who simply offer just one shared hosting package. On the other hand, Hostgator may be lagging behind in an spect – a good number of shared web hosts offers 30-day money-back guarantee, while hostgator offers a longer (45-day) money back guarantee.